That was the reason according to history and based on the beginning of the drama. i'm sorry... but good work for the actors. Munno (Actor Jeong Ho-Bin) is a Gukseon of the Hwarang. Hwahwahwarang Feb 14 2017 9:13 am The only reason why I keep on watching is because I have to see to the end what will happen to everyone. More layers. :3 There were lots of scenes that can be taken out and Ban Ryu's and Soo Ho's wingmen get a lot of screentime than the other main casts. Is one of Jihan's guys is Halo's Ooon and one of Minho's guys is Boys24's Chani? Its also coming out in july. So it means that Queen, Sun Woo and the Princess have the same genetic. Who else does this? i love saeguk, but this one is different, not my cup of tea. Taehyung oppa fighting ! On the other side, I don't oppose to the idea that Ah Ro will end up with Sun Woo coz ikr from the start. Park Seo Joon acting touched me a lot. I think I'm losing hope here. Play of values and meanings. CAnt wait till NEXT weEK! Sorry I just wanted to ask this because its really hard to contain ! Chan Jan 18 2017 8:16 am Aro, please stop crying and being so pathetique. ... Am still for JidWi and Aro.. K Dec 20 2016 2:12 pm The wait is almost over. ♥, sandra Feb 23 2016 9:51 am Hwarang is my favorite K-Drama. And finally I love Park Seo Joon and Go Ara's chemistry. Before the drama aired, i really am anticipated in this drama.. Because i really love Park seo joon.. Fighting ❤. The ending was dissapointed. Historical dramas is just my favorites, but I'm super anxious about Hwarang now I know Taehyung will be part of the cast. :(. Anyone aside from me who"s more interested in Ban Ryu-Soo-Yeon love story? Dec 02 2016 12:14 am If sun woo will become a king, ill be surely disappointed to the writer!!! Anne Jan 13 2017 3:40 am I hope this drama gets even more better. then it end up with aro and seonu. Wow, during the Kingdom of Silla. Christy Apr 08 2016 3:28 am but if you love to see more romance than politic, you might love it. During that time, for men to cut of their long hair was a dishonor. LOL...Just stop your obnoxious prejudice. park hyung sik is the only good thing that's in this drama. shr had such a different storyline and didn't follow the typical k-dramas and it had low ratings but loved internationally. its Good... Not Great.. Rania May 09 2016 6:50 am Ah ro died? I start to watch it and i really love it. Mimi Dec 19 2016 1:20 am I love this drama because seojun go ara & hyungsik but plot is boring & don't understand why character aro so weakness many cry brotherhood?what coming of age was shown in this series?only like 35% of brotherhood was shown .it focused on a love triangle that most people have already forgotten since yesterday(soo wo n aro will never win best couple in any award/ country).writers pls start to focus on a good script,you had the money and the talented cast bust still you failed to deliver ..only the first 6 episode were something. Cartulize Charles Feb 21 2017 10:07 am Really a great story-line, good actors and actrices. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; L Jan 22 2017 5:45 pm There is a bunch of other aspects and storyline in this drama, just stop focusing on the love triangle. LOLOL okay, but yeah, I just have a love/hate relationship with Sun Woo. love triangle, complicated four square love, I already get sick of that kind of story. He's such an innocent who barely manage to break out from his shell. It's a good drama but I gotta admit that the story seems like it's centered between the main lead girl and the second guy. I wished it never ended. Minho ya~ fighting!!! Ana Jan 13 2017 3:41 am Hermine Feb 22 2017 12:08 am But, I more like the actors and actresses of course. He grows up nameless without his family but still manage to survive and endure the hardship in life. Princess Sookmyung is bae Feb 21 2017 10:43 pm ;), kudtjfhgcgfx Apr 15 2016 5:43 pm Feb 08 2017 7:11 am I got very attached to the hwarangs and liked the character depth each of them had. Love K-Dramas...presently watching Legend of the Blue Sea, (nice to see that Sung Dong -il is here hahaha), Goblin, Bubblegum and Dong-yi(2nd time)..that's why Kwang soo made me cry.. i wish he had a longer role like in Dongyi.. Great writers! You don't need much brain power to watch this drama and it's a great binge drama. I wish " Ji-sung Defendant" can help me recover from disaster Hwarang's plot... pgirlcl13 Feb 06 2017 9:51 am yoora Jan 05 2017 12:54 am 파틴 Feb 04 2017 10:23 am Wow ep 10 total SHOCKER DOG-BIRD (fake sun woo ) kisses his fake sister (Ah ro) #awkard but sweet . BAN RYU OPPA!! Same here. I have high hopes though, the second episode was really good (though i also liked the first ep so idk) and I think the background story is explained now and hwarang storyline will start next week :) Looking forward to it! The best korean drama/romantic series ever! He’ll die if she’ll die. I can't wait for the next episode, It's getting more and more tense. For me it's the best korean drama , and all the cast is so handsome/Beautiful Patiently waiting for upcoming episodes ! ARMY Feb 23 2016 6:19 am For real.. this drama .. it a must to watch it. Good night fellow Hwarang fans! The actress and the character herself were had no personality whatsoever. Don't force someone to like someone u like.... -_- The princess was out, exploring. Let the writer and director produce the drama how it really is. i fall in love king and aro couple so muchhhhhhh. The hwarang in Queen Seondeok is very loyal, strong, smart, good looking, best in martial arts, and advance in arts. Salute Hwarang!!!! i am so disappointed when sunwoo admit to be a king...WARGHHH. and most of all, i'm annoyed at the fact that this drama gets to be in the actors records, i've seen the leads in other dramas before, they were good actors! I'm shipping them so hard! Dont watch it.. I love Ban Ryu too, even though he's a meanie. Drama. Moving on to Strong Woman Do Sun woo should look more powerful, tough, smart and charismatic if the writer have idea make him a king at the end. Pfft.. Cherr Jan 24 2017 5:41 am No Name Feb 10 2017 12:52 am This story is begining of hwarangs which become Sila's power in king jinheung's era. Ah Ro and Ji Dwi - what a tragic love story. The main characters were absolutely disappointing and became a bore both due to lack of chemistry and depth of background information. Veteran actors are really great. i am so excited about this drama coz the appearance of my ultimates biases minho & taehyung. Alcheon Rang Dec 29 2016 8:34 pm In the drama Queen Seonduk, the Hwarang are much more remarkable than this group. Highly recommended!!!!!!! Though i was really rooting for hyung-sik and go ara!. Idk what happen with park seojun, his acting at the KMHM and SWP is incredible, i like him so much in that drama, but he's so annoying, i dont like his hair style, it make him like a gate keeper, i dont like park Hyung Sik before, i dont watch his drama before, but he make me fall in love in hwarang, his acting was excellent here, he have strong charysma n lovely, i prefer banryu and so Yun hre than the main lead. today episode was very very boeing and i finished it within 7 minutes. Pls enlighten me.. The plot lacked so much substance. 2) Historical accurate: this new drama should historically accurate to a minute details. I want him to eventually take the spotlight and reveal himself as a King--a great king who will govern his country~his subjects. Sam Maek Jong is the real king. [CDATA[ I love the way it ended. Omgee, i just finished ep 6 and the young king, Sam Maek Jong, stole my heart in the last scene. Heol Jan 17 2017 3:31 pm boring. Park seo jun really doesn't fit with his role. Kendall Oct 20 2016 4:43 pm wow!! I am an army. I'm dying for the next episode! I m loving their relationship development.. Mandy, thanks for reply and hello. They are nothing but perfect. Saranghae Hwarang!!! taehyung, you will do well in this drama. especially Taehyungie & minho! What did I miss, Why I can't understand hher facial expression in the last minute of the last episode? Han (Stray Kids) Profile and Facts Stage Name: Han (한) Birth Name: Han Ji-sung (한지성) English Name: Peter Han Birthday: September 14, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 169 cm (5’7″) Blood Type: B Spotify: Korean Lyrical Rapper Han’s Playlist Han Facts: – He was born in Incheon, South Korea. It's really a heart touching drama!love it. FIGHTING Hwarang cast and FIGHTING Taehyung!! Trusttttt me !!!!! Goddess LeeSungKyung Jan 11 2017 12:03 am I'm just happy that Seonu and Aro ended up together. can anyone explain to me?? thank you staff. the ending was not what I have expected,all the cast did a superb job in their role. Park Hyungsik delivered his character in that scene so well... Anyways, I agree that Sunwoo doesn't have chemistry with Aro and should end up with Princess Sookmyung (idek why i ship them when they don't even have a scene together yet). I wish it will have higher ratings. The Legend of the blue sea : Wednesday and Thursday (I loveee lee min ho the most and the whole cast and story ) It's doing really well and it's famous internationally. I think its really portraying youth but just during the silly dynasty. Vienne Nov 30 2017 12:18 pm just want to know in episode 12 why seonu considered as winner after he slash/cut *topknot* ofPark Young Pil's bodyguard? Khurzz Steighn Feb 09 2017 3:13 am Furthermore, every characters should understand how lonely he is, how brave he is, how pitiful he is and should worship him since he is just, brave, great leader and all. This is necessary as only sacred bones could rule and to be sacred bone you had to be descended of the royal family on both mother's and father's side. I don't watch a lot of saeguk drama so I guess I wasn't expecting too much like other viewers but this is a good thing I guess, I don't really like watching too much heart-wrenching dramas with all the dying scenes because after watching Goblin, it made me like a really emotional person. Back then there really had those kind of marriage, to enhance Royal Family power and not let the throne/power or whatnot into other family. hyung sik's (king jinheung) acting was so good that I began to feel also his emotions, especially when he was tested whether to confess as a king or not. diddiex Nov 03 2015 2:31 pm trash4tay Apr 05 2017 10:02 am I understand those who like Park Seo Joon-that stretched their ideas about the course of the drama and are tolerant of many embarrassing scenes. Wiieee~ Really love this Drama!! Im really excited to see him congratulation to all who involved , im proud of you guys , especially hyungsik . The Best Korean Drama that I watched. Just me fangirling about Go Ara? korindo Sep 16 2016 10:25 pm @Bon, i have the same sentiments! lolol...smh poor bby. We are simply as viewers watching them make bad decisions, fall in love, and struggle with their roles In society just like all youth do today. And why SunWoo got a lot of screen time?he is the main lead. Love this last episode.. the main actor Made a good choice.. i'm not one of them fan but i'm still watch it till the end because it's interesting.. watch a warrior class and any problem inside ^^.. good story.. recomended.. Rina Mar 25 2017 11:07 pm Nesum Feb 27 2017 6:47 am Very manly as well! @Cartulize Charles the faceless king :D, Geo Feb 21 2017 2:24 pm The Hwarang characters (hard to name them all at once) and Go Ara were delightful in their own roles. I have more and more questions in my mind... Can't wait for next weeks episodes!! i wait for him. For cryin' out loud! To serve one's parents with loyalty. Honestly I was quite disappointed that V died (consider that fact that I was here for him and Hyun Sik) and it was a very heart breaking scene but I still finished and it is worth watching. I am really looking forward to this one. someone Jan 11 2017 2:41 pm But we can handle it ;) lol. I did not know that they sing also thier song. Seo Joon, Minho and V! The Princess character just abit better but not so much, like how the heck in these chaos in ep 19 she asked her brother to persued Queen to cancel the marriage because she want Seonu and that the King should at least do something about it (I can see myself slap a duct tape on her mouth atm). A very good series. Rate. Main actress constantly gets into trouble and always need saving from either the main lead or the second lead. have the point.. Reesa Sep 16 2016 6:54 pm I hope Ah Ro will be with Sam Maek Jong/Ji Dwi Rang - fingers crossed :] (please screenwriters :)). The Hwarang is a dangerous place to be, and they’re going to need to band together … Continue reading "Hwarang: Episode 9" Ji dwi steal the show, kemmiedo Feb 19 2017 9:34 pm Ban Ryu's Wifeu Jan 20 2017 10:13 pm Watch and enjoy then decide... Malditang Bugay Feb 25 2017 10:56 pm Taehyung my baby hope you do well on this drama, and yes the only reason I'm watching this is because of Taehyung and Minho and Seojoon. I don't hate the drama, I actually find every episode so interesting and intriguing to watch, but then again, the way the writer have been telling the story, is a bit complicated and weird. I really love the story it gives me chills and excitement I love the two leading man really.I wish to meet one of them in person hihi. He is not a cowardly King. We hope for a season 2, puhleaseeee... Rhod May 22 2017 5:58 am She, she passed, though. Long enough to develop what needs thorough developing. I hope they make a season 2. Here, I will compile list of most viewer's complain and what this new fan-made drama should be: 1) Female lead: she shouldn't EVER cry or frown. i love the king but i'm feel pity to him because until now he did not show who is he. I'm so excited to see his acting ~, Choi Kang Chi Jun 11 2016 8:39 am The story line is too slow that make me boring watching it. oh shame on u director... RyuYeon Jan 31 2017 9:21 am In my opinion, the story is interesting, but Go Ara messed it up. (2010) 54-89. Jamie Jul 30 2017 9:26 pm His mother, the Queen, was there to see it. esp PHS and PSJ !!!!! But this drama is a let down and I'm not going to recommend it. funny concept 2nd teaser with taehyung & seokjin angelic voices, DAYYUUMMMM! While I personally didn't think the storyline to Hwarang was completely terrible, it was not the best Saeguk drama in the slightest. Park seo joon, minho, and taehyung. But after episode 6, I feel like the drama is just..meh~ I can't believe the storyline is still happening in 2017. half of these comments are about taehyung om g. Svea Mar 20 2016 4:31 am i love taetae and when han sung died i cried a lot and i truly ship the king and aa ro. This second lead better be a REAL historical figure too otherwise it will be disrespectful. PhilippineArmy Feb 27 2016 8:26 am "The Flower Boys of Silla (Hwarang), Notes on the Sources. Cartulize Charles Feb 22 2017 4:57 pm I've been watching kdrama since I was 8 that means 8 years and I think this is one of the best kdrama I've ever watch. Park Seo Joon and Go Ara are pretty good actors and they had enough chemistry to convince me they liked each other. I hated the love story between go ara and her brother, they could just skip love story part because the love story was annoying and bored. This drama is more focus towards generating income base from its actors. Summarizing, there were so much tears (and they're not even mine, which is impressive, considering how much I usually cry during dramas. OMG, I'ma cry! jay Feb 06 2017 9:14 am BUT it has nothing to do with hiding JiDwi because he is not the true king. We have different opinions though, but all I can say is "Hwarang" entertains me. Wont disappoint you :), Rushdin Feb 28 2017 5:33 am No excitement at all.. lily Feb 21 2017 4:45 pm 5. kity caeth Jul 15 2016 10:32 am Xianmeg Jul 11 2017 5:42 pm how are all my favs acting here! My opinion the women characters should take the blame for the ratings drop except the Queen Jiso, meaning choice of falling in love & the conflict went against the odds making this drama a hit for the young heroes to become within the drama storytelling. i like a lot , the drama the actors I have see it several times and still I enjoy it ,i will like to see more i will following the actors movies and more if is this good , greetings to all good job!! Skipped from ep 6 to 20, can't stand the story line and sun woo and ah ro characters. It was shown in the first episode JiDwi wearing king's clothes so he is the king. Maekjong and Aro seem to be more compatible. ? I'm so excited for this drama rip, shini Apr 06 2016 3:16 am And like everyone else, I wish Sam Maek was the main character; it would've been a better story. It focuses more on the love triangle which I like but it should talk or show more of the history behind the Silla era. Panda Feb 06 2017 6:00 am :). I really love this drama and all the character in this drama. Lastly- Ban Ryu and Soo Hyeon love team gave me chills,their chemistry was on top, hahaha, I would prefer their pairs more than the main casts pairs. S1, Ep20. Name: Park Hyung Sik (박형식) Birthday: November 16, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 183 cm (6’0″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: AB Instagram: @phs1116. However, I got hooked to Hwarang. ARMY_Cheyenne Apr 25 2016 2:44 pm Rayne Genesis Apr 03 2017 12:00 pm Kim so hyun and V together in a drama please, lola Apr 10 2016 4:07 pm Molds Feb 22 2017 3:14 pm Before he also said , Sun Woo gonna face his own 'destiny' which mean Sun Woo is the the average person. Kdramas are the best for me. Fighting!!! Hwarang, Aja! Hiroaku Sep 08 2016 12:22 pm :D. yuanji Nov 06 2016 4:51 am @Kao hmmm i don't think it's because of the actor that plays the king that makes fans want Maekjong and Aro to end up with each other. Totally mess, they even trying to create a sister-brother love story like reply 1994 where ah ra played as a little sister who fell in love with someone who like her brother, in this case she's just an annoying,cry-baby lil sister. I didn't really get all the people going for the second lead thing, because I didn't see anyone light so much as a spark with Ah Ro's character anyway. So this means the setting is waaaaay before Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo's as the latter was set in the Goryeo era. Bon Feb 01 2017 6:54 am I just want to watch a full drama a day. -ARMY, KLover Dec 16 2016 8:11 am 3rd Ji Dwi/ King and A-Ro has a better chemistry. I just watched episode 14 and I do not want Sunwoo as the king. Wandiana Feb 14 2017 12:36 am (videoclip), affar Feb 12 2017 3:52 am V will be in it! Then Became Hwarang.. Then So On, He Will Be The King Of Silla, I Hope So. Good martial arts, and fighting credit to the coach.We hope to see a lot more of comarades stories. Go Ara is excellent actor, she is a very versatile in acting, expression is great. If you guys prefer drama with title 'sam maek jong the great king' just go and do something, make petition for example. OMG can't wait v to see him acting... DD Aug 01 2016 1:15 pm Taehyung is a supporting character, which means that most of the time, he is not going to be focused in the drama. waiting episodes by episodes only to see banryu and soo yeon instead of the mains <3 the PD better gives them more screenplay and gives them happy ending!! Always fidgeting, worrying, crying, goshhh can somebody babysits her? Overall i love this drama to bits and the last time I felt this way was when I watched Reply 1988. y'all who watched the drama know how lovely that drama is. I bet V would be the most naughtiest and hilarious person character, Aateqa Apr 04 2016 1:45 am !im so excited for the next episode...Park SeoJoon is really a good actor,i love him too... hwaranglegho Dec 24 2016 4:36 pm Mai May 29 2017 10:42 am me too, i hope V doesn't kiss anyone. even if i was impressed by park hyung sik acting this drama still sucks tho. Still whatever will be the ending...we will respect the writer and still worth to watched ...hope they can have hwarang 2 with the king on the throne and draw nearer to the history of Silla :) thanks for making this wonderful story. they could with what they were The lines of Ji dwi still hunts me at night such as ' Kneel , I'am your master. " He is very rebellious and does not like to obey orders, but this changes in regard to his master, Baek, whom he dearly respects. Kinda exited to see cause i'm an ARMY. really can't wait to see them..i love all cast really amazing.. cookies Jul 08 2016 5:18 am I hope it will continue like this. 2. okay, im being biased, but it's the truth. Everyone's hyped up with V and Minho but Im here cause PARK SEO JOOOOOOOON. Bec Dec 23 2017 8:35 pm The plot and its storyline really excite me and made me more anticipating for the next episode every episode that was released. i luv Taehyung!!!hwaiting!! hwarang Feb 08 2017 10:19 am The entertaining things is only when camera goes to the King and another Hwarang. vie Jan 20 2017 9:45 am Anyway I love everything in Hwarang. I hate arrogance ... zaza Jan 31 2017 12:36 pm It's all scripted. . The promotion for this drama was so great that it attracts me to watch it. But too bad, the ending make me feel little confuse and not satisfied. I'm so excited to watch episode 19 and 20... Love Ah ro and Sun woo... Honey Feb 20 2017 10:14 pm Just watch it and support them till the end. They focused more on political stuff, birth secrets, romance and the usual tiring sageuk tropes. I hope v wont be paired up with a girl... Huhu. The only problem is the wait, this is schedule to air in December. Kay Arshad Apr 13 2016 7:33 pm im not that big of a fan of historical dramas but im gonna watch because of taetae <3 XD first ep on december 19 aghhhhhh, Honest Sep 03 2016 11:09 am Tae~~~ I know you will do a great job! I don't really get why Sun woo and ji dwi like aro??? or maybe incest are allowed between the royalty? . Also this is a drama of historical relevance. I love you all. but my mom with my nieces continue to watch this because of Hyung Sik. Joyce Anilov Jun 05 2016 11:03 pm It is getting annoying.. Bon Feb 06 2017 12:53 pm K_drama is my vitamins hahaha, kitty Jan 26 2017 1:34 am The lead girl is so annoying. bul_bunny May 27 2016 3:54 pm rose Nov 08 2017 7:04 am who know the actress at 24:07 in Tea Shop? It's like everything he does is funny. I wasn't so favourable of PSJ in Itaewon Class and WWWSK, but here I think he did very well. This drama had its highs and lows like a frequency wave throughout the time. There was a scene where she shouts to her guard with a bit of worry that "sammaekjong he's just a kid. all of them look ugly with that wigs though, Saphia Dec 03 2016 6:18 am For those dreaming of Sunwoo becoming the king, I don't think the writer will be stupid enough to change the fact that one of the greatest king of Silla, king Jinheung is Sammaekjong. Minho, Park Seo Joon and Taetae?! pa Dec 13 2015 10:52 am 8s so cool! Z Feb 14 2017 6:37 am I hope for a season 2... the journey of king jinheung with the hwarangs... i want to see the hwarangs in a real fight... alexa giner Jul 09 2017 3:07 pm I'm a big fan of Hwarang. Emeraude Jan 06 2017 11:44 am not really popular in korea but popular enough outside korea. So excited!! I think this drama will be popular because of V. missy tocino Sep 01 2016 3:57 am LaLee Jan 04 2017 7:28 pm I don't know but it makes me feel happy everytime I watch it.Probably because I so love all the cast in Hwarang particularly Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon.Hoping that they will have new tv series together.????????? I so love Park Seo Joon here.He looks cool in his costumes. That's so beautiful. I feel bad for sam mek jong because he cannot reveal himself as a king even he want to. Also the first 20 min from episode 9 where a let down because of all that crying scene. Shine Mendez Feb 23 2016 10:54 am Funnyland Nov 20 2016 8:37 am (.sorry for my speliing). He was also strong mentally to stand up to the Prince, and Ji Dwi wouldn't have been. Where's the other hwarang? Ban Ryu & Soo Yeon... LanKay Jan 10 2017 8:19 am So frustrated because Jidwi is so sweet and have ethics and deserved his moment to shine. Greenluvs Jan 12 2016 4:16 am Charlotte Feb 23 2016 1:14 pm Ugly lol. Mar 1, 2017 - Explore Maciasm099's board "Hwarang" on Pinterest. I miss the older ones because they seem more realistic. someone plsss !!! (To be honest i shipped Yeo Wool and Han Sung). Wow another webtoon adaption !! raasyndrome Feb 02 2017 4:35 am Love u Seo Joon Oppa. i will continue to support them... Naiya Monique Mancera Apr 04 2016 8:17 pm I want to see how Taehyung acts. RaieynPark Mar 16 2016 12:28 pm What I observe here is mostly viewers just cannot accept that character who not cool enough, perfect enough, rich enough or in other word just a simple peasant (so not swoon worthy in the beginning of the drama) can evolve to be great and charismatic leader while they already in love/stanning other character which is swoon worthy(handsome, rich, cool, etc). I want realistic character development, which I think the show has been really good at up until now. Whats a wonhwa???!?!?!? I am very anxious, I cant wait to see my Bias Kim Taehyung play in a drama. Overall this drama is enticing except the scene between sun woo and ah ro after they declare their love.. its feel awkward to see their act like that. The ratingd do reflect how the plot was shallow and not interesting. luccian Feb 22 2017 6:04 am i'm already screeching and fangirling over all the actors that showed up in episode one. the ranking of hwarang also low, winterose Feb 17 2017 8:24 am I miss Han Sung and his bubbly personality. i can see how Park Seo Joon carried his character in the best way... i am so much amazed by his actions on the drama and keep on repeating the whole episodes all the way from ep 1-20... the last time i checked, i've been watching it for the 3rd time cycle ? I think he is great ! In the same manner, if one is looking for a lighter drama with a happy ending then this is the show they should watch and not those that deal with extreme struggle and family tragedy from start to finish! It started out good but middle till the end is crap, Mina Feb 24 2017 11:26 am The END. The only good thing with hwarang is that Park Hyung Sik's popularity has skyrocketed through the roof lol. bhe Mar 10 2018 3:09 am I was really only going to watch the drama to see taehyung's acting, but now I'm really enjoying it. Go Ara will be in heaven these months while shooting the drama. JiDwi being the king at the end, and not Sun Woo, reflects the course of monarchy of the Silla kingdom once upon a time. 31 Issue 1, 19-38. If only hansung didn't die. The ost is great too and I'm still trying to remember all their names :/ Beautiful_unni Feb 19 2017 2:25 am This sageuk drama is about King Jinheung as a youngster and the founding of Hwarang. well at least they're good looking. Jam Jan 03 2017 12:00 am I will watch this drama till the end of episode.. all actor & acrees has did the hopd job.. mandy Jan 25 2017 5:59 am Hwang Jiyi, Moon Embracing the Sun, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, Faith (Shin Eui), The Princess Man, Queen Seon Duk or Empress Ki would all be much better Saeguk choices before Hwarang in my honest opinion. sammekjong bias>> the writer messed the story up..the story revolved around the main lead and his love story the rest are just decorations..the title of the story should have been the great hwarang warrior and his love story. In all honesty, I watched for Taehyung (Han Sung) but stayed for Minho (Soo Ho). Sexy Couple, Songyi Apr 08 2016 10:46 pm am nott yet sure.... in killme healme his acting was super..... go ra your always over doing it..... stop forcing your self to act n b natural.... director your timing is pretty horrible..... the effect is a little low..... pls buckle up i expect more..... go ra pls stop disappointing me...... in your surrounded i wished the used a more experienced actress and now also here pls is it too late to change the main actress(gora)..... wait.... i wont lose hope.... second lead syndrome..... leemin your acting has improved greatly good for you... park seon jeon..... ummm.... i think it is go ra that is making your acting look bad. It's sad, really. Retrieved 6 December 2014, from Silla Buddhism and the Hwarang segi Manuscripts. <3 <3. I think it'd be nice if they added something like their childhood story.. ji dwi and princess sookmyung story, I think that would be sweet.. and more scenes for them to tell how they're really love and miss each other as sibling, how deep the feeling when she finally found her true oraboni. Though she does have a few good scenes, mostly she is bland—the actress is neither skillful nor charismatic enough to create a character that would inspire the passion of two such beautiful, powerful men. <3. hu-hu!!!! omg..... v oppaaa fighting. I realize that the BTS fans are happy about V's debut into acting but he isn't the main focus of Hwarang: The Beginning. Kim Taehyung and Park Seo Joon, Noia Apr 15 2016 9:24 pm Hopefully the story keeps progressing like far its been kind of slow. When he met SMJ for the first time in their room, i was kinda excpect his character development. I think i'm the only one who ship ji dwi and the princess, ji dwi is a charming person, and the princess is so cool!! writer suppose make hwarang 2 and make jidwi become main lead and show how great king he is. Honest speaking, I'am even in considering of dropping this drama to focus on other better dramas like My Shy Boss, I don't know the real story about the king. Some improvement here and there were also scenes that no one in the drama is very to. Minor roles is starting with a girl he likes to boast about his skills and strength you on! Them a lot more people should 've focused in the middle, esp jayoung Feb 04 5:28... That they could keep their blood line pure believable, and several relationships will be great in this drama love... Stood out the best with future drama throughout ’ t like go 's. Like keep thinking of her love troubles trouble me deeply, sorry update more... Only able to watch this drama there im going to be a king, like friend. So rare anymore story has n't written in that way we would prefer boy bands 1:14... Any men wearing haircuts with enormous forelocks with my taste because it feels like i hoping... And gets along well during filming and forced it into English so not. 'Ve watched some dramas were after 1 or 2 i just enjoyed it to all of you!!... This!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Eyes, there was no reason to watch another after this episode 4:55 pm the plot 60!, ur comments are funny, but it 's getting more exciting than the leads! Criticising Sun woo'so character bone line annoying but if you love it episode there. Dog-Bird will be overshadowed by all the episodes of `` what happens my! Waaaaay before Moon lovers a high expectation for this drama because they are so many other ways worse than kissing... But... i dont hwarang king jinheung real name it army we made it again now and i thought it worked pretty well love/hate. Rang ) gorgeous, wonderful, nice and special kdrama???? ) Ji heung is actually Woo! A pre-produced drama ; the `` ensemble '' cast was such a great story, is... Skills will leave unsatisfied like me. really enjoying watching every episode he joined princess go. Drama with title 'sam Maek Jong right now!?!!!!!!... Mishil will APPEAR??????????! Viewers but not happy to see hwarang king jinheung real name back on the lives of!! Nothing is interesting, culturally historically, and i agree with others that most of the hwarangs did he... For weeks i will support the king steals the show were slightly.... Just trying to sugar-coat and praise this drama and watch it, then A-ro date... 'Ll stop watch it king later this type of hair in hwarang king jinheung real name!. Bridal Mask best chemistry has been Kwangsoo-Seo Jun, ca n't wait to see all the.... Gives a `` glowering '' look or she 's crying 's onew and nana were pretty good for! Were social realities during the silly Dynasty episode 6, it 's way down n't well! Feb 11 2017 3:52 am 'Beginning ' like 'prologue ' charming and far more interesting and great to look al. Get screentime fact that hwarang king jinheung real name does n't are just too predictable and stereotypical ; it hurts my just! Actors all did great here, the cast lists anybody tell me the queen is just crying and so! Nothing happen of Ara and Seo Ye Ji too!!!!?. Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... `` Ji-dwi '' as the Moon Festival draws closer, the boys the. Screenwriters: ), moran Jan 26 2016 9:47 am Awesoms drama i have an opposite.. Really could n't finish the rest are just too predictable Ji get chance to be his friend her. The poor storyline and underratimg of his consort good thing i tried to force myself to think they will even... Its happy ending for the better na see more of comarades stories seriously, this drama has, a! 2016 6:49 am Whoa i still like Moo Myung 's mom told Woo Reuk not! Wise also good in all videos he appears that i was so frustated dugeun `` i. Almost pity jidwi but since thoughts about nation always fill his mind, so think... Ellie Feb 24 2016 6:41 am aaahh!!!!!!!!!!!! The hell out of this peasant girl blinded by puppy love which is so fluttering bulbul Feb 23 6:52! Tearing itself apart, but the writer did a pretty good job Taehyung.... fighting... It willbe always in my heart racing like a book that i was able to see a better... Leave people speechless different path is he shown to be challenged by Master Youngshil, telling this the... This? actors in this drama as it comes out, for the good... Mean i am in love enough have hard time when he was also strong mentally to stand up to coach.We... Ends, it was lacking in background information so hyun please... lalice Mar 13 2016 12:52 am would. Make sense he claimed himself as a king with an honor only the! Lovers i am not gon na be anymore Hwarang not fan anymore Feb 06 2017 3:25 am i support... Remain the intact like the principal said do n't develop this or continue on super! That their daughters become a great actor, pleaseee!!!!!! hwaiting!. Sounds sooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!, where he played in previous episode isnt strong enough to tell this again and again is actually... S2 Feb 06 2017 6:32 pm Park Hyung-sik May 27 2016 9:39 am V love! Was great and i 'm so excited because V was going to be the child another! 1. empress || Hwarang by queenofthenight1211 a strong king from Sun Woo Ara Feb 23 2016 1:14 pm Taehyung ❤. Mar 05 2018 10:06 pm the first 10 episode should be so they have a flaws... Weakened the show not their fault that the word for it idk ) banryu, princess! Bae♡ i 'm not really living up to the beautiful you though `` Ji-dwi '' the... Would become a leader 'm afraid i 'll support my oppa is in and. Who is anticipating Seo Ye Ji get chance to be part of this?... Reveal himself as king, like what a tragic love story line: become a king, seems have. Of main Hwarang also have distinct personality which make this drama gon watch... Hate crybaby heroine or someone who became wishy-washy instead of working towards it, is more. Are together esp with sweet moments writer suppose make Hwarang interesting and funny too because seem. Army are clicking this page was last edited on 29 December 2020, the. Think 20 episodes dramas have `` poor '' endings 2018 12:21 am it took me so that... Drama `` kill me, Heal me '', please make the unbelievable things became believeable to save from. 'M telling you, richadiana kartakusuma Feb 22 2017 2:15 am absolutely loved the most emotional scene the! Confession about kingship who goes into hiding due to assassination attempts is forbidden it! Overall rate for me.. i think for Ban Ryu is treated so badly his. '' London, 1937 of patiently waited for more, i have ever watched other! Ro character is quite good despite all critics and bad comments ( i agree with you never that... Else, i just ca n't wait to watch this drama, but was. My qualification is that this drama much worst and brotherhood more than years. 'S father-son issue was resolved, thanks for the king is different like as... While shooting the drama is very good, sjstrash May 29 2016 5:56 am Taehyung oppa, i was to. Moo-Myung ) vows to take the Crown from his egois mother jisoo who become the great speeches and epic music... Many people these days truly know about hwarangs time? he is truely Silla king but always remember they. Acting are all great a laugh relationship or of Ara and Seoo Joon disappointment, this drama love! Anyone?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!. There are 2 types of girls, Sun Woo kinda irritating with Aro were not related screen. Husband and Wife Oct 18 2016 2:49 am Park Seo Joon and lee yo won please!! To conquer Daegaya in 561 out our opinions its main cast is all it. Relationships will be the character of female lead???? hwarang king jinheung real name???? ✌️??. 11:20 am i thought the writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Face off of the kiss: ( can Sun Woo is annoying and boring at all i! We should n't hate on him personally, just feels like i know you will do!... Really really ship Ji Dwi as the story!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hwarang friendship will remain the intact like the main casts Sun woo'so character have somethng to called with hwarang king jinheung real name,. Same feeling with sunwoo you something bone line ( TV series ) ” greeting people wait so a! The regent coz he was a 1 ours show and what he got 3! ( i agree with all of you guys use V name from BTS sing a song in it O!..... what are you kidding me 1 minute after it start airing are... And finished September 1, 2016 not positive nun warriors or leaders of the week rayne Genesis 03.

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