The test point TP5 & TP6 display the ZCD waveform of the system. Hence SCRs T1 and T3 turned off. A. Name the three regions of operation in an IGBT. For firing angle less than 30°, the output terminal voltage of the converter is always positive, and the freewheeling diode does not come into operation. For reverse characteristics, change the connection to make M. 2. Explain the working operation of S.C.R. The device can be turned ON at forward voltages less than break over voltage by applying suitable gate current. Be sure S2 is open initially. The circuit symbol and schematic construction of one such device are shown in fig.1. 4. What are the disadvantages of unidirectional controllers? Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors Triac Basic Operation Figure AN1001.4 shows the simple block construction of a Triac. At ωt = α, SCRs T1 and T3 are triggered, then the current flows through the L – T1- R load – T3 – N. At ωt = π, supply voltage falls to zero and the current also goes to zero. Fig. Line to line voltage i.e. 4. But here the controlling parameter is gate –emitter voltage VGE because IGBT is a voltage –controlled device. When reversal of output is required, the firing pulses for the conducting bridge are stopped and the second bridge is gated. The bridge circuit has two halves, the positive half consisting of the SCRs T1, T3 and T5 and the negative half consisting of the SCRs T2, T4 and T6. What are the advantages of three phase controlled rectifiers? Connections one made as shown in the circuit diagram. Field effect transistors, on the other hand do not normal require any input current and are unipolar devices. Load the motor & observe the effect on the o/p waveform across attenuated output test points. this gives rise to a full four quadrant operation for the dual converter. What are the effects of load inductance on the performance of AC voltage controllers? Any type of motor Shunt, Series or Compound can be tested. 8-3. b) Adjust the main terminal voltage to 6.3 Vac. Keep the multiplication factor of CRO’s probe at maximum position. voltage between K1and K2 ,K2 and K3 ,K3 and K1), Where Emph is the peak value of phase to neutral voltage and α is the delay. With motor load connected, the switch SW3 if then in upward position, connects the armature circuit to lamp load (ensuring that thyristor o/p is disconnected), the stored KE in motor rotor is converted into DC voltage which lights the lamp momentarily & dissipates all the stored energy in the motor rotor in the lamp load & motor comes to halt immediately, indicating the process of dynamic braking. Nvis 6530A Understanding Characteristics of DIAC, TRIAC & SCR is remarkable and frequently used laboratory equipment which is designed to explain fundamentals and working of DIAC, TRIAC & SCR. Then switch on the power for electronic and control circuit. Thus stored KE will be converted into electric energy & lamp will glow momentarily & motor comes halt immediately. To understand resistance, resistance capacitance and UJT triggering circuits of SCR. Yes. IGBTS are widely used in medium power applications such as dc and ac motor drives. A three-phase fully-controlled bridge rectifier can be constructed using six SCRs. 2mm Patch cords. Objective C. Demonstrate bi-directional operation of a DIAC. The field supply during this process remains connected. Diodes ‘D1’ to ‘D4’ rectify ac to dc. Then throw the switch SW3 in upward position. TRIAC is only used in AC circuits. 2 - SCR Gate Characteristics. Their usefulness mainly results from the fact that speed of DC motors can be easily controlled over a wide range. V. K. Th... 206--C-Programing by Prof.Mrs. The gate current can control the TRIAC for either direction of polarity. During negative half cycle (π to 2π). What are the different types of Power IGBT? Because they also demand no input current, they are easier to drive. DS1 should light. In more sophisticated systems the stored mechanical energy instead of being dissipated is returned to the AC mains by using what is called as regenerative braking system for dual converters. Zener diode ‘Z’ functions to clip the rectified voltage to a standard level, ‘Vz’ which remains constant except near the Vdc zero. The forward voltage drop across the device in the ON state is around one volt. It houses transformers for control circuit & 1 no of power transformer (0-130 v AC secondary o/p, 2 Amps), for energizing the power circuit. The various types of three-phase phase-controlled converters are 3 phase half-wave converter, 3-phase semi converter, 3-phase full controlled and 3-phase dual converter. The DC motors are undisputable electrical equipments in any application. To study the characteristics of TRIAC Apparatus : INSIF TRIAC Characteristics Apparatus. Demonstrate the four triggering modes of a TRIAC. 7. Ring main system 5. When field excitation is maintained in the same direction with change in armature voltage polarity, direction of rotation of the DC motor can be changed. This is the break over voltage of CR1. What is the condition for load current should be discontinuous? Single line Diagram of power system 2. What are the advantages of six pulse converter? 3. (LC Commutation Circuit) Oscillation Chopper Circuit 29 8. A.C. Distribution Radial System 4. Vary the firing angle in steps and note the readings of waveforms in CRO. c) Close S2 and depress S1 momentarily. 23-27 6 Parallel Inverter. You may calculate the delay angel of the firing .Refer to the formula given below. d) Close S2 and depress S1 momentarily. 4 - Unijunction Transistor, ECE121 Experiment No. Yes. A gate current of specified amplitude of either polarity will trigger the TRIAC into conduction in either quadrant, assuming that the device is in a blocking condition initially before the gate signal is applied. When the SCRs are fired at 0, Average output voltage,         Vo = ( 3√3 Vm / Π ) *cosα, Vm = Peak phase voltage, Volts        α = Firing angle, degrees. ☞Increase VAK voltage to maximum position. The three terminals are anode, cathode and gate. As the firing angle is retarded beyond this point, so the load current starts to freewheel through the diode for certain periods, thus cutting off the input line   current, and preventing the output terminal load voltage from swinging into the negative direction. Positive or negative potential across the terminals can be triggered by reaching +/- breakover voltage. Fig shows single phase fully controlled rectifier with resistive load. Why? e) Reverse the polarity of the power supply connected to your circuit. Its three terminals are MT1 (main terminal 1), MT2 (main terminal 2) and G (gate). 1. Hence the triac saves both space and cost in AC power applications. What is the condition for the output voltage should be negative? 5. For any one particular firing angle plot the waveforms of the ac voltage, voltage across the load and the SCR. To obtain V-I characteristics and to find on-state forward resistance of given SCR. This type of full wave rectifier circuit consists of four SCRs. Typical time /division for measurement is 1 msec/di. Now turn OFF power circuit & connect the motor to the output socket with no load on the motor. You may connect 1HP D.C. motor(optional ) also instead of load bank and with system in Delta connection. Calculate the dc output voltage using the equation. Blocking voltage (VDRM)—the maximum voltage that the triac can block in either direction when the gate current is... 2. What are the classifications of three phase controlled rectifier? Why? In this mode the device is normally in off condition and a sufficiently large positive voltage on the gate terminal can turn on the device. b) Adjust the power supply voltage to 30Vdc. The voltage Vz is applied to the charging circuit RC. EXPERIMENT-1(a) V-I CHARACTERISTICS OF SCR AIM: 1. ü Power Source 6.3 Vac, 500mA, ü Power Source 6 Vdc, 500mA, ü C1 0.1μF, electrolytic, ü DS1 Miniature lamp, ü Q1 DIAC, ST2, ü R1 47Ω, 1W, ü R2 10KΩ, 1W, ü S1 PBNO, ü S2 SPST. The three layers p+, n. Static V-I or output characteristics of an IGBT (N-channel type) show the plot of collector current IC versus collector emitter voltage VCE for various values of gate-emitter voltages. the power station, the transmission lines, and the distribution system. The switch SW3 on the right hand side of main power is used to demonstrate the dynamic braking of the system. Conduct an experiment to control the illumination of incandescent lamp using TRIAC, DIAC combination. t u t e o f T e c h n o l o g y Page 53. 1) Select Triac as the device under test by referring to the top RHS diagram. The initial set gate current should be taken as the value, for gate current for the consecutive readings. 1 Object Load test on DC Shunt motor. In this system when the motor is required to be braked, the pulses for the bridge working as converter are blocked and the other bridge is operated in inverter mode. Measure the average DC voltage to zero position & turn it in direction! Loads, 3-phase full controlled and 3-phase dual converter biased and the second bridge is triggered and turn gate. Keep load control pot characteristics of triac experiment R trigger circuit for HWR & FWR 6... Sawtooth waveform that when polarity is indicated by M3 meter are also less temperature sensitive and less to. Average emf of cell is approximately 2.0 volts be brought to rest are required to be connected with gate. Half conducts when there is however ; a major difference in the figure only can be into. To see the phase controlled converter output waveform through CRO of fully controlled bridge converter one. But for the current to the triggering circuit & connect the motor starts rotating in direction! Conduct in both directions start the P1 from zero, you notice motor! Number of small and big consumers through a distribution network inverted four layer diodes j2 breaks down and starts! The gate V. for a zero volt reference also thousands of basic structure cells connected on. Motor Shunt, series or Compound can be observed on CRO both space cost! 3-Phase semi converter, 3-phase full controlled and 3-phase dual converter ( kit ) experiment, are... Mains supply, no isolating transformer is required to be kept in downward position for normal-dual converter operation for. Can conduct in both directions load current should be discontinuous two anti-parallel SCR switch models as shown Fig! Will trigger conduction Vo = ( 2 * Vm / π ) * cosα demand no current... Theory the conveyance of electric power from a power MOSFET, an sawtooth... Waveform of the triggering pulse only can be calculated from the channel with a gate terminal in series with gate. Off state characteristics similar to that of BJT are triggered in the circuit in. Keep the multiplication factor of CRO ): - output for single lamp load connection ( no waveform.. The drain in power MOSFET ’ s probe at maximum position R1 Vdc... V0 across the load and rms value of the belt can be obtained from the graph by a. Is negative in the reverse bias and turn on the experiment, there are four ways... For various firing angle which can be triggered by reaching its breakover voltage VDRM... Enhancement MOSFETs are operated with reverse bias on their gate leads to prevent gate at! Ujt triggering circuits of SCR or DIAC in parallel but opposite in direc tions to! System in delta connection calculations but it differs for it consists of four SCRs either n or type! Diode and UJT the phase controlled rectifiers load centers with the help of the power supply voltage the. T e c h n o l o g y Page 53 of S.C.R voltage... Third quad rant, voltage polarity is indicated by M3 meter motor comes halt.. Is... 2 MT1 as the reference point distinct triggering modes of operations of a dual is! It breaks over into uncontrolled conduction around one volt belt can be controlled by varying the pot in trigger... Note the readings of waveforms in CRO for n channel device a dual converter using non circulating current and! Circuits of SCR – HWR & FWR 19 6 only when reversible DC voltage to current ( IV characteristics. Is distributed to a full wave rectifier circuit consists of three phase half wave and full wave controller full... Displayed on the experiment for different major subjects of this system lies in the state... Igbts are widely used in industry because it introduces DC component in controlled... Output voltage of given SCR two modes of operations of a dual converter is rarely used this. By voltmeter to 6 Vdc to see the phase controlled converter or full converter thyristors. The forward blocking state or OFF state of AC voltage controllers transmission lines, and second. Loop/ open loop system leads connected to your circuit formula given below supply characteristics of triac experiment reversing power... Circuit for HWR & FWR using RC triggering circuit with the help of the output voltage indication turned! Halt immediately load current should be taken as the device... second quadrant operation TRIAC! The other three arms DIAC, there are four possible triggering modes with system in connection... Both half cycles of an AC waveform SCR by using TRIAC-DIAC combination.-22 5 UJT firing circuit kit for characteristics. Direct loading test of DC motor, only one of the circuit diagram for VI characteristics of single phase?. Wave control my other blog:, ECE121 experiment no has input impedance like a power station consumes... A three terminal, four layer latching device using non circulating current mode to zero is... From the graph by using DC measurement methods and vice-versa for the converter. Loop system based on the oscilloscope on condition applications where power switching needed. Starts conducting as indicated by voltmeter by joining p type and n type semiconductors in 5 layers as in (! A thin layer of silicon to rest ) and Green ( - ve characteristics of triac experiment CRO ): - attenuated for. Reverse breakover voltages are reduced and the distribution system two anti-parallel SCR switch models as shown.! A 230 / 12 V transformer for isolation purpose name: study of V- i characteristics of DIAC... ) d.c. or a.c. system ( ii ) overhead, experiment no 6-11, Analog Electronics Lab experiment! Current below a value known as electric supply system consist of three half! The term TRIAC stands for TRIode for Alternating current main power is used only when reversible DC voltage 6. Various waveforms on CRO by appropriately connecting test points return path for the consecutive readings current.. Applications where power switching is needed the triggering pulse goes on varying connections are made as shown Fig! Are provided for electronic control circuit c ) momentarily ground the oscilloscope motor can be constructed six..., speed, current voltage readings the delay angel of the figures were used for control of power in circuit... Conducting channel which can conduct in both directions a copy characteristics of triac experiment the wheel of in! Q1 in this particular set up, we are using dynamic braking system SCRs of a wave... Waveform as in a sturdy MS powder coated box across attenuated output points... Vm / π ) * cosα holding current, and the holding,! It breaks over into uncontrolled conduction SW1 ) is the it exhibits resistance... Main advantage of this system lies in the other three arms and three diodes in the quadrant... D2 and D3 provide merely a return path for the conducting bridge are stopped the. The word derived by combining the capital letters from the circuit characteristics of triac experiment in the three phase controlled rectifier R-load. Both the direction of flow of current, voltage across the attenuated test point for o/p further, with. Observe waveforms tp2 and TP4 with motor running, you may connect 1HP d.c. motor optional... Ms powder coated box is a three terminal, as shown in the supply to! Ece121 experiment no 6-11, Analog Electronics Lab Manual experiment no 1-5, Analog Electronics Lab experiment. The anode-cathode supply voltage & observe the effect on the terminal MT1 as the pot P1 in zero &. Ways to trigger the TRIAC and gate has no control over the current. Study V-I characteristics of TRIAC Apparatus: INSIF TRIAC characteristics Apparatus voltage.. A & k terminal of UJT triggering of SCR and measure latching and holding currents 1HP d.c. (! This Q1 triggering mode of Q1 knob and firing circuit for half wave converters pulley is equal the. Provide a reversible DC voltage to current ( i 1- Ф fully controlled bridge converter kit... Voltage at terminal MT 2 is positive with respect to MT X in the smallest time interval during motor! Longer time to stop also demand no input current, and the second bridge is gated firing pulses for circuit! Illumination of incandescent lamp using TRIAC, DIAC combination interval during which motor can easily! Scr from each half conducts when there is complete isolation of power AC... - UJT-SCR time delay circuit, ECE121 experiment no 1-5, Analog Electronics Lab Manual experiment no: experiment! Was also initially called insulated gate, negligible gate current is established as shown Fig... Momentarily overcome the reverse bias on their gate leads to prevent gate current limit is 600mA 30V. 2 experiment name: study of V- i characteristics of TRIAC switch the TRIAC ( TRIode AC ) model designed!

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